Who is Evan?
  • He is Evan Silberstein, a science teacher.
  • He taught science in East Ramapo from 1970
    to 2003, and is currently teaching at the
    Frisch School.

  • He has written science textbooks for
    D.C. Heath and Prentice Hall
  • He has published articles in professional journals
    such as The Science Teacher


  • Evan was chairman of the East Ramapo
    Teachers' Center from 2000 to 2003. The
    Teachers' Center is a state funded
    organization that provides professional
    development for teachers.

    Teachers' CenterTo see the Teachers'
    Center website, click
    the apple.

  • He was vice president of the East Ramapo
    Teachers Association from 1998 to 2003.
  • ERTATo see the Teachers
    Association website,
    click the ERTA logo.

  • He believes in helping other teachers. That's
    why he was chairman of the Teachers' Center
    and vice president of the Teachers Association.
  • He also wants to help chemistry students. That's
    why he's a teacher
  • He is proud to share his materials with any
    students or teachers that want to use them.

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